We have always looked forward to provide the highest quality services to our clients. One such high quality work done by us is HOLA. It is an application to use bulk SMS service on mobile. There are number of bulk SMS service providing companies. You need to use the control panel provided by the company and perform task as required. Thus, we created an android application for to be able to manage everything from phone. All the contacts are generally stored on phone and thus it is lot more convenient on phone than web. This application allows you to sync your phonebook and categorize your contacts in group. You can store all the wishes and message for all the occasion beforehand by storing it as templates in this application. There are different types of messages namely Transactional and Promotional. Transactional being more costly compared to Promotional can be managed differently. Each transaction stored in specific tabular manner. It sends you report either daily or weekly based on your requirement to keep a track of the messages used or remaining.

Features :

  • User can create their account, by buying messages from the provider.

  • They can manage their sender id, which displays when the message is received on the phone.

  • Users can create contacts and manage them in groups

  • Users can also store pre-defined templates to use when required.

  • User can send messages in 4 different ways as follow:

    • Bulk message
      • If you wish to send bulk message to many contacts at present itself, user can use this function.

    • Schedule Message
      • User can schedule a message to be sent on a particular date and time.

    • Reminder Message
      • If users add their contacts with their birthdays, they will receive a reminder to wish them.

    • Custom Recipients
      • Here the user can send custom message with their name or any other information. Here the user just need to upload CSV file of recipients and the application will draft a custom message to be sent.

      • User can also able to view preview of custom message for confirmation

  • User can send messages by 3 different types as follow:

    • Internal/offline SMS

    • Promotional SMS

    • Transactional SMS

  • User can view all SMS transections info, transection status and stocks by types

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