Digital Reach

We love working on innovative ideas and Digital Reach is one such idea. It is an application built for a company involved in Electronics and communications. Digital Reach is an android application for monitoring different outputs from hardware devices. It basically reads data for specific device and displays it in a specific format. The application also generates analytical reports for with different readings at different time. This application reduced the need to go to the web and look for the readings. It was easier to manage for all their clients. It had notifications implemented on the application for special readings. The client was really impressed with the performance and got great response from their clients.

Features :

  • User can login using username and password

  • Dashboard display a list of information for the particular user

  • On dashboard the data is being fetched using web services and are displayed in form of text and switches

  • While displaying I/O, the information is displayed in digital and analogue form

  • Digital In and Digital Out data is being fetched using Web Service and displayed in specific format

  • In I/O control Digital Out switch in the server are being controlled using the app

  • When the user switches ON, it goes into pending mode until it receives a confirmation from the server that the switch is successfully ON, on server side.

  • The application keeps on receiving data every few seconds to display data as fast as possible

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