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As a mobile apps and software development company, we aim to make you optimal business software that not only reduces your hassle but helps you improvise and increase the strengths of your business. Our team of developers ensure that we deliver our work with utmost sincerity and punctuality. The systematic approach of our team members help them to evaluate and solve any hurdles you may face and can suggest best solution possible. We look forward to provide the highest quality services at affordable prices.


Planning is one of the important task in developing a software program. Extracting the requirements from clients and analysing to find if there are any incomplete, ambiguous or contradictory requirements. A scope document is created based on this analysis.


Once the requirements are finalized the software is designed in form of a prototype. It basically is a clickable model to give exact look and feel of the end software with details of each section. Prototype helps firming up the requirements.


Development is the part where developers actually code for the project. This step is also known as programming phase. The implementation of software design starts in terms of writing program code in the suitable programming language and developing error-free executable programs efficiently.


This part of the process ensures that defects are recognized as soon as possible. Software testing is done by testing experts at various levels of code such as module testing, program testing, product testing, in-house testing and testing the product at user’s end. Early discovery of errors and their remedy is the key to reliable software.

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As we all know Android app development has been steadily growing . We wish to provide best in class mobile applications. In this process we consider a huge range of screen sizes, hardware specifications and configurations, in order to come through with flying colour.We look forward to provide the highest quality services at affordable prices.

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iOS framework depends on design patterns such as model-view-controller and delegation in their implementation. Understanding those design patterns is crucial to the successful creation of an app.Our team of developers with technical expertise and transparent development process ensure that we deliver our work with utmost sincerity and punctuality.

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We help your business to enter the IoT world. Our knowledge of current technologies in different disciplines (IoT, firmware, etc.) gives us a privileged position to help you. Tell us about your project and we will give you an optimal solution to the needs considering the best cost-benefit ratio. We can also give you a strategic vision of what and how the world will come: the IoT revolution is beginning.

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We try to enhance the user satisfaction by improving the usability and accessibility. Thus resulting in better engagement and interaction between the user and the product.Effectiveness, Efficiency and satisfaction can be seen as the quality factors of usability.

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We offer a turnkey expertise in custom web designing and web application development. We guarantee effective communication and assure quality at affordable cost. We wish to provide virtually anything you can imagine related to web development. We help with web designing and web development for all kind of businesses.

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Our team of skilled developers would start from understanding your requirement and develop an eCommerce portal solely for you. Because we are not using any existing platforms and framework, what you can expect is a Unique eCommerce Website with Look and Feel that you desire. Starting with idea to developing the UX/UI of the website to adding all the functionalities that an eCommerce portal should have, we will customize everything for you.










Microsoft .Net

SQL Server

SQL Lite


Our Projects



With this application you can send BULK SMS. Allows you to create groups and send messages group wise. Transactional and Promotional messages can be sent and can be managed.


Digital Reach

An application to view meter readings and control I/O of any electrical circuit using web server.


Ideal Assessment 11-12 SCI

Ideal Assessment 11-12 SCI application helps the 11th 12th GSEB students to apply a perfect Study Pattern to score more.



Spintra is a English Spanish dictionary application. User can look up for English as well as Spanish words and can get its translation.


Insurance Project

Insurance Project is a web application developed for a Car Insurance Company.

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